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Dickie Bird


Having played and umpired cricked for many years I sustained numerous injuries particularly to my neck and shoulders. I was suffering with neck pain that got progressively worse till it became a constant intense ache with sharp pains of 10/10 especially in the morning when I could not bear the terrible pain trying to get out of bed. My neck had become stiff and I could not turn my head for the pain. In March 2015 I saw Don Corlet at Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic. He treated my neck and I now am free of pain! In May 2015 I fell in the shower and hurt my lower back. Don treated my lower back and helped me recover. I see Don every couple months to keep my neck and lower back comfortable and I enjoy going!
chris kamaraChris Kamara


After many years of both professional exercise and generally keeping fit, I have developed back problems which have caused me pain. Don, at Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic, has treated me for the past few years, and it is thanks to him that my pain is manageable and i can continue keeping fit, as I have done for all of my adult life. I would recommend a visit to Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic for anyone looking to relieve their pain and improve mobility - I am confident they can help!


I suffer from spondylosis and needed an operation for a replacement left shoulder, my right shoulder was also very painful, my surgeon said this would need to be replaced at a later date. Because of this I had been unable to drive for a few years. Following the operation for the left shoulder a friend recommended Don as he had helped her with a back problem. Now 3 years later, my right shoulder and neck have good movement and I am driving again. I can highly recommend him, he's changed my life. I now visit him every 2 months just to keep movement and because of Don I have not needed the right shoulder replacement.
Margaret Fozzard
Valerie Youel


"I have been seeing Don since 1997, as I had a very sore spine and could hardly walk. A friend of mine recommended Don, he really is a life saver. He worked miracles on my spine and keeps me mobile. My husband visits on occasion and he too is more than satisfied. I recommend Don to my family and friends.

William Armstrong


"I have known Don Corlet of  Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic for well over 10 years and have always had the  utmost faith in the treatment I receive from him. I have been known to hobble  in to see him and then walk out which I find truly amazing. Since February  2013 I have visited a few times after injuring my back and I am now well on  the road to recovery. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone who  suffers with back problems.



Don Corlet has been treating me for chronic headaches for approx two months now and I am already much improved. I feel totally confident in his treatment and travel for an hour each way to my  appointments which is testament in itself to my belief in his abilities
Gwyneth Whipp
John H


"I had suffered with a back problem for a number of years. A discussion with a friend in January 2012 resulted in me arranging a consultation with Don at Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic. After my initial consultation and subsequent visits for treatment I can’t believe the results and huge difference in the way I feel, move, work and live. I am now virtually pain free and would say to anyone who is hesitating, “don’t go on suffering and putting up with pain…..Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic really does work!

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