Hip pain is commonly associated with osteoarthritis which is a term given to pain and stiffness resulting from wear and tear in any joint in the body. The condition can progress to become painful and disabling. Often early signs of hip osteoarthritis are groin and knee pain. Knee Pain is also commonly associated with osteoarthritis but can be the result of ligament or cartilage injury. At Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic we have an excellent reputation of successful treatment outcomes. This is born out by patient testimonials covering 20 years.

Treating the cause….not the symptom!

After an in depth consultation about your condition, lifestyle and medical history, a full examination including chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests will be done.

Following the examination you will be given an explanation of findings where your diagnosis is explained to you using charts and models so that you fully understand your problem.

Treatment entails improving joint mobility by mobilising, stretching and soft tissue work/massage to relaxing the associated muscles.