Almost everyone suffers with back pain at some time. Whether a short, long or recurrent episode, the pain can be debilitating and relentless, very often described as the worst pain ever experienced. Often ‘something and nothing’ results in the onset of the back pain leaving you wondering what you had done. Modern day lifestyle activities place on-going demands on our backs, including:

  • Sitting for hours at work or at home on the PC.
  • Sitting on the sofa watching TV or on your Lap Top.
  • Excessive and unnecessary Driving.
  • Stress at work and home.
  • Insufficient exercise.
  • Repetitive bending, lifting and twisting.
  • Manual labour.

These result in loss of mobility of the joints and muscles that can interfere with the healthy function of your spine and the associated nerves resulting in severe pain. At Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic we have an excellent reputation of successful treatment outcomes. This is born out by patient testimonials covering 20 years.

At your initial consultation you will be given advice on how to control and manage the pain and ensure a quicker recovery. Finding and treating the cause….not the symptoms!

After an in depth consultation about your complaint, lifestyle and medical history, a full examination including chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests will be done.

Following the examination you will be given an explanation of findings where your diagnosis is explained to you using charts and models so that you fully understand your problem.

At Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic therapy is designed to restore normal range of movement to the joints, relax muscle spasm and relieve strain on ligaments.

Treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation and soft tissue work/massage to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Ice or heat may be recommended and in some cases dry needling (acupuncture) offered.

Advice on pain management, exercises and how best to exercise is given. At Wakefield Chiropractic Clinic we offer Spinal Rehabilitation using a Swiss Gym ball. Research shows that certain exercises are effective in managing long term or recurrent episodes of back pain. Contact us