Who needs rehabilitation?

Research shows that rehabilitation is recommended for patients with chronic (more than 6 weeks) or recurrent episodes of pain. Pain promotes inactivity. Prolonged or repeated periods of immobilisation can lead to muscular weakness, stiffness and pain avoidance behaviour. Pain is not a warning sign but often only occurs after the damaging mechanical changes have taken place.

Why do we need rehabilitation?

Repetitive strain in the form of modern-day lifestyle is the most common cause of musculo-skeletal pain. Modern-day lifestyle includes excessive sitting, driving, office work, repetitive tasks, shopping, stress and lack of exercise. Healthy Backs have fewer symptoms.

What is Rehabilitation?

The latest research shows that certain exercises are effective in managing long term or recurrent episodes of pain. Emphasis during rehabilitation is on spinal mobility, co-ordination, balance, postural stability, endurance and strength (including core strength). You will learn how to exercise correctly and safely at home with the use of a Swiss Gym Ball. NOTE – All New patients are offered a Rehabilitation session included in their sixth treatment fee. (This session might take up to half an hour)